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At EC/RGdata Inc., our business is system integration as a turnkey solution. Our mission is creating competitive advantage for our customers through the application of latest technology.

Since the late 80s EC/RGdata has had a vision of a future networking, that is open and distributed, but not proprietary. We also realize that in today's "world economy", the statement "if you're not fixing it, you may go broke" is a near certainty.

So, we have established business relationships with vendors, providers and agencies who share our vision, including Compaq, Nortel networks, Newbridge, Cisco systems, Micom, Cylink, Siemon; Techdata, Merisel; Telecommunications Industry Association and Association of Cabling Professionals. Through focus on strategic use of information technology and close contacts with our clientele, EC/RGdata Inc. has become one of the leading System Integrators in Eastern Europe, with its offices in Kiev, Ukraine; Riga, Latvia; Moscow, Russia and Vienna, Austria.

EC/RGdata provides complex solution to companies and agencies who are using or migrating to integrated networking environment. Among our prime customers in Eastern Europe are Police Department (Hungary); Post Office of Latvia; National Bank, State Export-Import Bank, Ministry of Power, Reconstruction and Development Ministry (Ukraine); State Committee for Statistics (Russia). We work on voice-and-data integration projects for a wide variety of major American and Western European Companies, such as Cargill, Hughes Aircraft, ABB, BASF, Philip Morris, Schlumberger, SmithKline Beecham, and KPMG.

EC/RGdata is one of the industry leaders in applications, design, installation and service of high-technology computer systems and networks. But we also pride ourselves on our expertise in feasibility studies and management consulting projects. So, if you are involved in an evaluation of your networking environment, EC/RGdata can help you create the platform to support your business.

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